How much Plastic have we Saved?

This week we noticed we were heading very close to the 10,000 mark in the number of our Solid Shampoo Soaps sold since their launch last summer. They have been sent to customers up and down the country and even travelled as far as Australia, Canada and Vietnam. Whilst the stats themselves look impressive, we wanted to dig a little deeper into what impact this truly has had on our plastic waste...

10000 Solid Shampoo Bars Sold

After some very rough calculations, we found that this number of shampoo bars has saved the equivalent of 200kg of plastic bottles that high street shampoos come packaged in.

So what does that really look like?

That roughly equates to the weight of 4 adult female orangutans. 

Saving Orangutans

Or the weight of an adult female polar bear. 

Saving Polar Bears by going Plastic Free

Or that of the heart of a beautiful Blue Whale. 

Saving Sea Creatures such as Whales

Or even the weight of a small Leatherback Turtle. 

Saving Turtles by going plastic Free

This weight could be much higher when we consider the long-lasting nature of our products which do not contain additional water as our supermarket liquid counterparts do.

All these wonderful creatures are at risk of injury or death as a result of human activity and pollution.

By supporting plastic and palm oil free, you are helping to reduce this impact on these beautiful animals.

Thank you for your continued support. 

With the latest addition of our Conditioner Roundels, we hope to add to this number further and continue to make a positive impact on the levels of plastic pollution we create. 

Looking to stock up? We now also offer an Ethical Haircare Set featuring our Shampoo Soap and Conditioner Roundel alongside a wide-tooth bamboo comb and packaged in a Cosy Cottage reusable drawstring bag. Take a closer look here

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