Our Experiment shows that Cosy Cottage Soaps clean more effectively than Liquid Soap

what is better to wash your hands with?

We did an experiment to see which product washed hands most effectively.


The objective of our experiment - To compare relative residual presence of microbes on hands after cleaning with three different products.
- Alcohol gel
- Liquid soap
- Cosy Cottage Soap bar 
The method we used - After cleaning for 20 seconds (except for the control groups), five slices of bread were placed in plastic bags and left at a temperature of 24°C for one week.
1. CONTROL 1 - A slice taken from the bread bag with tongs and placed, untouched in the plastic bag
2. Handled for 1 minute after washing hands for 20 seconds using alcohol gel
3. Handled for 1 minute after washing hands for 20 seconds with liquid soap
4. Handled for 1 minute after washing hands for 20 seconds with Cosy Cottage Soap
5. CONTROL 2 - A slice was handled for 1 minute without washing hands
And the results...?
After one week, as expected, there was very little microbial growth evident on CONTROL1 - the untouched bread. The least microbial growth was evident on the bread handled after washing for 20 seconds with Cosy Cottage Soap. There was a similar amount of growth  at the top of the slice handled after cleansing hands for 20 seconds with alcohol gel.
The slice handled after washing in liquid soap showed the greatest amount of microbial growth, being almost covered with several types of moulds.
For CONTROL2 - the slice handled for 20 seconds with unwashed hands, there were several large patches of mould present after 1 week. 
These results from our experiment show that Cosy Cottage Soap and alcohol gel cleansed hands of microbes to a similar extent and that both were substantially more effective at cleansing hands of microbial growth than liquid soap.

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  • Michelle Birkby

    I’ve noticed the household cleaning soap lifts up a lot more dirt too

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