The Winner of our Coronation Competition

british flag bunting against a brick wall


It was an almost impossible task to choose. We had stories from across the whole UK and some from further afield. Many of you told us about your amazing charitable and caring causes, there were some beautiful memories of Queen Elizabeth in 1953 and the opportunity to enjoy a historic milestone with friends and family brought a warm and loving glow to many of your entries too.

In the end we had to choose one and this entry touched all our hearts. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Congratulations to Hannah who wins our £30 gift voucher:

"This bank holiday weekend, I am going to spread the cheery word in Turkey with my friends and neighbours.  I packed carry-on bags onto the plane, not forgetting my third Cosy Cottage refills for my wonderful travel tin, which incidentally comes everywhere with me. It is amazing on air trips as I do not have to worry about liquids and queues at check-in at the airport.

So the small village where I have my home, in South Western, I have a property here as I have a Turkish son, I adopted as a baby. Turkey is celebrating along, this weekend.  A multicultural event, English and Turkish.  My lovely Turkish neighbours love English teas.  I frequently bake scones and Victoria sandwiches for my Turkish neighbours.  I receive some wonderful organic goodies in exchange.
So hats on, tablecloths out, flags waving.  We don't have to worry about the weather, it's 24 degrees.
Adults and children having fun times celebrating together.  Last week we celebrated Turkish Children's Day together.  Lovely to respect each other's culture and learn about each other's way of life.
Have a lovely time together.  If I win your prize I will buy some Cosy Cottage goodies, to raffle here for the Children's Charity Fetav, who help poor children in the mountains maintain an education and go to University."
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