Supporting Allergy and Sensitivity Sufferers

Allergy UK published recently that in the UK, 44% of adults and 50% of children suffer from some form of allergy. Within these figures, 15-30% of children and 2-10% of adults experience allergic skin reactions. 

Allergy UK also state that the most common triggers for reactions are fragrances, detergents, dyes, emulsifiers and preservatives. This is endorsed by the NHS who mention toiletries and cosmetics as a common trigger for both irritant and allergic contact dermatitis. 
Our Cosy Cottage products do not contain artificial fragrances. Several of our products are fragrance free, we do not use detergents, dyes or emulsifiers and we do not use the parabens group of preservatives. 
Every week, we receive positive feedback from customers with sensitive skin, psoriasis or a tendency to eczema; letting us know how helpful our products have been. To help these customers, we have created a collection of those products which have specifically been helpful to customers with allergies, sensitivities or who wish to avoid strong perfumes.  
Data, gathered over several years shows that fewer than 1 in every 150,000 items purchased from Cosy Cottage (under 0.0006%) results in any sort of reaction, however mild.
The vast majority of reactions notified to us are associated with bicarbonate of soda, which relates to a recognised (although rare) issue which a small proportion of the population experience with natural deodorants in general (not just our own). 
As the preponderence of allergies in the UK continues to increase, at Cosy Cottage, we continue to work hard to design and deliver helpful products. We design formulae whose high quality, natural ingredients work with our customers' bodies and their natural processes, rather than fighting against them.  

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