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pet shampoo dog poo bag holder non-plastic pet toy pet treats
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Doggy Celebration Gift Box - Cosy Companions

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Treat yourself,  your treasured companion and your likeminded friends to one of these beautiful gift boxes containing a selection of our sustainable Cosy Companion treats.

Our celebrated, handmade, natural pet shampoo is created in our workshop in Yorkshire, Malton. It's palm oil free and contains no artificial additives. We adopt the ancient and traditional properties of Neem Oil in our formulation, to gently discourage unwanted six legged visitors, in preference to environmentally damaging insecticides! 

We have had great feedback from our customers who tell us that their sensitive skinned pets have benefitted from our natural pet shampoo. Our very own cover girl, Ella shows off her super splendid, shiny coat above. 

Our pet shampoo is offered together with an enjoyable collection of treats for four and two-leggeds alike, all sourced from our trusted suppliers based in the UK.

- a Green and Wilds dog toy; fun, hardwearing and made from recyclable or compostable materials with no plastic

- a Green and Wilds paw-poo-bag-pouch (try saying that after a good lunch), made from recyclable or compostable materials with no plastic. The pouch has a handy clip to secure the practical contents to a lead, bag or belt

- a tin of delightful 'My Dog Bites' treats in a special rattling tin. Ideal to help with recall on companionable walks and rambles

Each collection is contained within one of our Cosy Cottage signature boxes, ideal for posting or presenting with joy. 

We take the impact we have on the planet very seriously. The packaging used for this product can be recycled. When we post your items, any ‘plastic-like’ packaging we may use, including clear bags and bubble wrap, is made from biodegradable plant derived material that will compost in one year. So feel free to put it on your compost heap!

We reuse fully recyclable cardboard boxes we get from our suppliers where we see fit but your package will always look great and smell even better.

Check your local recycling facilities at

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