Valentine’s Day Treats For Every Loved One In Your Life

Yep, it’s that time of year again... The shops are festooned with loved-up gifts, ready to impress your nearest and dearest. It’s Valentine’s Day, and cupid is well and truly ready to shoot some carefully-targeted arrows. If you’re looking for a gift with that added personal touch this year, take a peek at our range of ethical goodies; all paraben, palm oil and sulphate free! They’re also all lovingly wrapped in plastic-free, compostable packaging.  We’ve even taken the hard work out of the process, by letting you into our top recipient suggestions for each gift. 

For Your Beloved Gran:

Everyone deserves a cuddle on Valentine’s Day - especially all the fantastic grandmas, grans and nans out there! Show them you care with this handmade Valentines’ Geranium Bubble Bath, created using luxurious geranium essential oil. What’s more, it’s packaged in a kitsch, reusable Kilner glass bottle (which will definitely make an appearance on nan’s storage shelves at a later date!). 

Geranium Bubble Bath Valentine's

For Your Main Galentine:

If you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day with your best buddy this year, good on you! Spending quality time with friends is a great way to celebrate the day. Hit the shops for a new outfit or scoff scones with a tasty afternoon tea for two. The perfect post-cake gift? Our Valentines’ Kisses Peppermint Lip Balm. The luscious balm is made using an avocado oil and shea butter base, alongside lip-smackingly delicious peppermint oil, which combines to make a nourishing, long-lasting salve. 

Valentine's Lip Balm

For Your Stubbly Sweetheart: 

We know some guys are keen to craft the perfect, sculpted beard, but sometimes a shave is needed to keep things sharp and sleek. To go from Mr Twit (Roald Dahl reference, no offense meant!) to Mr Fit, try our Valentines’ Smoothly Shaving Set. The specialist soap is enriched with coconut oil, which is great for keeping the skin supple. It also features bentonite clay, which sounds technical but simply means you’re guaranteed a smooth shave and deep cleanse. Each kit comes complete with a shaving brush in a distinctive dubloon style, so the man in your life can pretend to be the sailor he’s always wanted to be. 

Valentine's Shaving Set

For Your Sweet-Smelling SO:

This is the big one - a truly indulgent declaration of your love and devotion - it’s the Valentines’ Luxury Gift Box. So what’s made the star lineup? Deep breath… our Geranium Bubble Bath, Geranium Hand and Body Cream, Geranium Soap, Geranium and Rose Petal Bath Bomb and Peppermint Lip Balm. In a nutshell, everything you need to get ready for a hot date, or indeed a hot bath and night in. Either sounds great to us. 

For Your Caring Mum: 

Valentine’s Day isn’t all about romance and canoodling, you can totally use the day to show thanks to other loved ones in your life. Treat your mum (or dad, if he likes the sweet scent of geranium) to our Valentines’ Geranium and Rose Petal Soap and Cream Set. A coconut and shea-based hand balm, fragranced with natural geranium and sweet orange essential oils, ensure mum’s hands are supple, soft and completely cared for. What’s more, our trustworthy customers and testers (all human and willing!) recommend this balm for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis, plus other common dermatological issues. Keep the accompanying soap in the shower or next to your sink and look forward to round-the-clock, glorious-smelling skin. 

For Your Hard-Working Other Half: 

Whether your partner is a dog walker, yoga instructor, copywriter, baker (we could go on…), everyone deserves to feel appreciated and pampered from time to time. Show your hard-working other half how much you love them with the Valentines’ Geranium and Rose Petal Bath Bomb. Simply run them a warm, welcoming bath and watch as the bath bomb fizzes and fragrances the room. What’s more, it’s presented in a cellulose bag (yep, 100% compostable) and comes complete with a sprinkling of suitably romantic rose petals. Chocolate optional, but definitely recommended. 

Valentine's Bath Bomb

Remember folks, your last posting dates before the 'big red day' are midday Wednesday 12th February for standard class and midday Thursday 13th February for first class. Still have someone to buy for? Check out our full range of products (lovely at any time of year). 

Dare we say, too, that we offer a full range of wedding favours. You never know, Valentine’s Day might be a REALLY special day for you ;) If you’ve always dreamed of an eco-wedding, our selection of sustainable favours and gifts are the handmade treat that’s bound to impress your guests. Take a peek at our bundles here

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